The power of an idea

What is the most radical idea of today? Do you have a radical idea that can change the world? What is a radical idea?

Let’s first go over some of the most radical ideas that changed our history as we know it:

1. The idea that the sun doesn’t revolve around the earth and that it is the earth that actually revolves around the sun. Galileo was condemned for finding evidence which showed that the Earth and all other planets revolve around the Sun. Most people in his time didn’t believe him.

2. The theory of gravitation, we all know this one. The apple fell on the ground...

3. Women’s rights. For the first time in history women were empowered and considered equal to man.

4. Theory of unconscious. The idea that we aren’t always thinking about what we do and that we do a lot of things almost automatically, by habit, without much thinking.

5. Einstein’s famous theory of relativity. This one is a big one and changed the way we think of physics. It also helped lead us to the modern world we know today. Even satellites came to be thanks to all of this. If you don’t know much about Einstein’s theory of relativity, you can read about it but I am sure you all heard of it.

6. The World Wide Web. Who doesn’t use the internet these days?

I am sure you get the big picture. Of course, there are many many more ideas that changed our lives as human beings and we can thank our ancestors for all the hard work they did which led us to all the conveniences and luxuries we have today such as smart phones, hot water, air travel, food delivery and many more...

But the question I want to ask today is: what is our generation going to come up with? What can we improve or change? What are we going to do different that will make the lives of our children and grandchildren better?

This is serious. Think about it. Every great product or service or monument or technological marvel that exists in the world today first started with the idea.

So what’s your idea?