All adults were once children.

What were some found memories you've had as a child? When was the last time you thought about them? Are you all grown up now with kids of your own?

Times were simpler then, less things to worry about, huh? I remember summer by the beach, carnivals, walks in the woods with my dog, apple picking, festivals, long drives, certain smells, the sound of crickets, honey suckles, outdoor shows and performances, glow sticks, fireworks, climbing trees, all of this and more remind me of my childhood.

I imagine another individual could have had a completely different childhood growing up in a different part of the world: where the weather and even the culture and currency were different; but nonetheless every adult was once a child... and every now and then, our mind goes back to those days when we were children... when we had less to worry about... when we were more innocent and didn't feel the pressure of the whole world on our shoulders... when we had elders to look up to... In the end: all adults were once children and taken care of at some point, but it is our duty as parents and aunts and uncles to do our best to provide a good childhood and a good upbringing to the children of today: by being a good example ourselves and by allowing them to be themselves and to express themselves... and every now and then, when they ask for guidance, point them in the right direction.

God bless the children of yesterday and today.