3 minutes of mindfulness

Call it "mindfulness" or "awareness of what is" or whatever you'd like... Simply stop everything you are doing or thinking right now. Put it to the side for later and allow yourself to be present. Read these steps below and take the time to do it on your own: 1. Recognize every thought that comes to your mind and acknowledge it as "a thought". 2. Focus on your breathing... Recognize when you are breathing in... and out... 3. Feel your body. Feel the weight of your body... If you are sitting somewhere, feel the pressure of your backside... If you are lying down, feel the weight of your body... 4. Pay attention to your surroundings... What colors and shapes do you see? 5. Pay attention to the sounds and scents around you... What do you hear? What do you smell? Notice that after you do all of this, you will feel calmer and more grounded.